LGA offers custom glass services to both the scientific and non-scientific customer. Scientists and researchers can develop and design the necessary apparatus to perform their experiments knowing that our glassblowers will fabricate the item to their specifications.

For the non-scientific customer, we offer the same services. Whether its a decorative or functional glass item, we will assist in the process of concept to final product.

OEM Manufacturing

We offer OEM services or contract manufacturing to other industrial companies and lab equipment suppliers. Our skilled glassblowers can assist in the design phase, fabricate the prototype and handle a production run of most custom designs.

We also have the capability of producing silk-screened ceramic/glass decals of logos or other permanent markings. Clean artwork is required for logos. Artwork for graduation markings is done in-house. All proprietary information is kept confidential.

Minimum orders depend on the complexity of the design and the quantity needed. To get started, please complete our

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